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News from the Hills gives a festive show composed mainly of old hits from the 50’s and 60’s. Their repertoire spans various styles, from rock'n roll to country, bluegrass, and folk, to the blues and rythm'n'blues, with songs by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Johnny Lee Hooker, The Doors and many others. Their energy and drive are contagious and provoke new heights of elation in their audience, whatever its age.




The band is made up of three main members: Jeape Careno on vocals, percussion and guitar, and Sébastien Landry (Saheb) on guitar. Ray on snare drum.


The great variety of singers that have left a mark on our times and from which Jeape sings the hits have enabled him to develop different vocal tones. The audience will be transported through various emotions and believe that the legends are actually there.








As a guitarist, Saheb is a magician. Upon hearing him, you will believe that he is playing the accompaniment, the solos and even the bass line, all at once.



Ray , it is as though the rhythm is taken over by a steam locomotive.



Their ability to blend rhythm and harmony gives audiences the impression that there are more than three people on stage. These charismatic characters are so energetic that they are a pleasure to see just as it is to listen to them.


Over the course of its travels in the Southern United States (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee), News from the Hills has absorbed the musical roots preserved by the inhabitants of this land. This is why the band prefers acoustic sounds and keeps its instrumentation simple.


News from the Hills has played in arenas, under large tents, in small venues, and bars, during festivals, corporate events and other occasions.


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